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Dog education and integration into human society
Just like humans, dogs need supervision. Knowing the laws and regulations, as well as the behavior allowed by this society.
Giving the dog the psychological tools to be able to interact well with dogs, cats and humans by rewarding good behavior (stay, calm, sit, down, come) and the extinction of bad behavior (barking, biting, jumping, leash pulling ) by replacing those by acceptable alternative behaviors.
Aims to repeat a behavior/action so that it becomes easy to perform in all situations. Request an action that was not practiced enough becomes a stress for the dog.

Example: Ask to stay down only when there are visitors.
To use which has been practiced in a given situation by establishing conditional behaviors (action/reaction) as necessary.

Example: Carpet when people ring the doorbell or barking.



At our school or at home


2 to 5 months (FREE 3 hours group lesson)

Mistakes of your puppy are often caused by a lack of understanding of canine language. Let us give you the right tools to integrate your dog in your family. Learn good manners.


4 to 6 months


6 months and older

Teach your dog the basic commands: heel, sit, lie, stay and come. These words are tools to control your dog in various situations. Have a good dog who listens to you.


Perfect the basic commands for total control. Your dog will obey at distance and without the leash. Your dog will obey you without a leash and in any place.


Train your dog to overcome bad behaviors.


Make an appointment with us for an evaluation of your dog. We can discuss with you, meet your dog and suggest the type of classes that best fits your need.

25$ creditable on classes.

Private lessons

This class really fits your life and your requirement. In addition to teaching you the basic commands (heel, sit, down, say and come), we will target the particular problems you face every day.

• 3 classes for 150 $
• Private consultation for 75$
(classes last 45 minutes)

Group lessons

Teaching of basic commands (heel, sit, down, stay and come).

• *Private consultation 60 $
• 3 classes for 150 $
• **6 classes for 300 $

(classes last 60 minutes)
* additional fees for home service
** Certificate and 2 30 minutes ajustment classes included

Educational pension

No time to train your dog? We will do it for you! Your dog will be installed in our boarding pension and he will have training sessions with a trainer. At the end of the educational pension, we offer one or more classes to ensure proper monitoring at home. Your dog will emerge better than ever !

• 7 days for 250 $
• 1 month for 850 $